Venture Bottle Depot

Location: 1818 Miller Street, Lumby

Regular Hours of Operation: 10:00am – 4:00pm / Monday – Saturday

  • Recycling in the back – two customers at a time allowed inside the gates.
  • Refundable items in the front – 2 customers allowed inside at a time.
  • For efficiency sake please have everything sorted prior to showing up.

Telephone 250-547-8787

Beverage containers include:
• Aluminum and any other metal beverage cans
• Plastic soft drink and water bottles
• Glass beverage bottles
• Clear or tinted, opaque plastic, and vinyl containers
• Polystyrene cups
• Drink boxes and cartons
• Drink pouches and “bag in a box” beverages

Household recyclables include:

  • Paper, cardboard, paper packaging and cartons
  • Containers, plastic jugs, cans and glass jars
  • Styrofoam (household only)

E-waste items include:

• Televisions
• Computers, monitors, printers, keyboards
• Audio-visual electronics
• Small household appliances
• Batteries
• Electrical and battery operated small appliances
• All light bulbs and fixtures
• Fluorescent tubes
• Smoke alarms
• Vacuums
• Microwaves
• Old Christmas lights