Cycle Cycle Program

Location: 4240 Alexis Park Drive, Vernon

Hours of Operation: 9:30am – 2:30pm / Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday

Telephone: 250-542-2374

What is Cycle Cycle?

In partnership with the Vernon Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Cycle Cycle is a therapeutic work program of Venture Training

Bicycles that are found abandoned in the Vernon area are reported to Cycle Cycle by the community. Program staff and participants retrieve the found bicycles and store them for 90 days at our holding facility

If after 90 days the owner has not claimed the bicycle, the individual who reported the bicycle found has first opportunity to purchase it for $25.00. If they are not interested, the bicycle becomes the property of Cycle Cycle. At this time trained employees and participants determine if the bicycle will be sold as is, repaired or used for spare parts


Can I buy a bike?

After bicycles have left the holding area, unclaimed bikes can be purchased directly from Cycle Cycle. The price of each bicycle will vary depending on the condition. Generally, prices range from $10 to $70, as is. Occasionally there are high-end bikes available that are sold closer to market value. We also sell bicycle parts at reasonable cost. You can request extra work performed on the bicycle for an additional charge to cover parts and labour. A deposit will be required if you elect to have extra work carried out

About the Cycle Cycle Program

The Cycle Cycle program at the Venture Recycling Depot is a community partnership that provides a designated collection site for the public to dispose of unused or abandoned bicycles found on their property. It is one of Venture Training’s therapeutic training programs where participants earn a honorarium, learn job and safety skills while contributing to their community

Our participants and staff will clean up, repair or strip bicycles for parts. Cycle Cycle provides valuable training and experience for our participants and is a resource for affordable bicycles in Vernon